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  • Fairy Pearls Blow up the Fairy Pearls! Fun gameplay Exciting action Blow up the Fairy Pearls!
    [688 plays]
  • Moverage Move the cubes!
    [191 plays]
  • Gude Balls Gude Balls combines puzzle, matching, and time management fun for a simple-yet-addictive game! Based on the classic game Logical, Gude Balls challenges you to g [...]
    [255 plays]
  • Picture Pyramid Get ready to take on the pyramid…the Picture Pyramid, that is.This game takes the find-the-differences picture challenge to a whole new level; as you successful [...]
    [220 plays]
  • FalseShadow Discover all the FalseShadows as quickly as you can in this fast-paced Puzzle game! Can you solve each level and finish the game? Fast-paced gameplay Intense ac [...]
    [339 plays]
  • Fruit Faces Funny bubble shooter game with fruit faces. Shoot faces up and make groups of 3 or more of the same faces. Wake up sleepy faces or uncover covered faces by shoo [...]
    [769 plays]
  • Globs Looking for a colorful challenge? Connect the Globs and make them all the same color in this simple-yet-captivating online game. Start with the top-left glob. C [...]
    [712 plays]
  • Hexlines Match 5 balls together to pop them in Hexlines, a gripping Puzzle game! Use your wits, and think two steps ahead, to prevent painting yourself into a corner. Pl [...]
    [504 plays]
  • Music Room Escape Escape from the Music Room as quickly as you can! Fun gameplay Exciting action Escape from the Music Room!
    [232 plays]
  • Ancient Aztec Mahjong New picturesque addictive variation of ancient game mahjong by Play-Free-Arcade.com The archaeologists have discovered mahjong tiles near Tenochtitlan and now y [...]
    [818 plays]
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Dr. House
Dr. House
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The jewel chest
The jewel chest
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Goth BubbleJam
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Mystery of Mortlake Mansion
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Match 3 Jewel
Match 3 Jewel
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Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea
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Bubble Breaker
Nice cool bubble breaker game. See if you can [...]
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Flora Fun
Find sets of twin flowers in this fun matchin [...]
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Bejeweled Games

A Puzzler that will melt your brain and stret [...]
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Winter Match
Swap 2 items and match 3 in a row (horizontal [...]
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Mahjong Games

Ancient Tower Mahjong
New picturesque addictive variation of ancien [...]
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Mahjong Ace
You have to match tiles in pairs until all of [...]
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Tetriz Bukan Teztiz
Tetriz Bukan Teztiz is a tetris game
340 plays
Pets Tetris
Pets Tetris Pets Tetris in 2011
916 plays

Zuma Games

Kangraoo Ball
Kangraoo Ball,licke the zuma game. mouse cont [...]
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Zuma Ball
Fun Zuma type of game, shoot balls and get 3 [...]
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Wooden Rolls
Rotate the wooden rolls!
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Experience ever-changing levels with thousand [...]
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